Your Specsavers salary explained   

Published On: 13 December 2022

As a Specsavers partner, not only do you get the opportunity to be your own boss and run your own business – you also get the security of a guaranteed salary and super package for the lifetime of your partnership with Specsavers. 

But your guaranteed salary package is not the only way you can make a living with Specsavers Audiology. 

In fact, salary is just one component of the value of a Specsavers joint venture partnership, as partners also own profit-earning shares in their business. 

For our audiologist partners, this salary is $120,000.  

So, when you are thinking about the potential of a Specsavers Audiology joint venture partnership, think: 

  • annual salary + kiwi saver (paid fortnightly) 
  • annual profit (paid quarterly once the business is making profits) 
  • the future value of your shares in the business you build (paid when you retire from the business) 

Beyond that, Specsavers’ support team will work hand-in-hand with you to provide the very best product range, equipment, finance, admin, IT, in-store systems, marketing, training and development and more. This allows you to focus on growing your business – and of course – your business’ profits.   

To discuss how Specsavers Audiology’s business model might work for you, contact Amanda La Ferla on +64 (0)27 221 1402 or email