Your Specsavers Audiology shareholder loan explained  

Published On: 5 December 2022

When you join Specsavers Audiology, you’re joining a business that customer’s trust – and one that has a proven model for success.  

And we’re proving ourselves every day – with three years under our belt, 30 stores across the country, and 15+ audiology professionals in our family who have started their own businesses.  

If you’re ready to take the next step and join us, you may be wondering… just how much will it cost? 

After all, the partnership model provides a range of in-built support to our audiology partners, including product, supply chain, marketing services, IT and in-store support systems, training and development, account and administration services and more – that can’t come cheap, right? 


When you join us as an Audiology Partner, we’re committed to setting you up for success. And that includes limiting the personal financial burden of starting your own business.  

Which means limiting your investment to a relatively small working capital loan you invest into your business at the outset – until cashflow in the business is built up sufficiently to pay the loan back to you.  

Put simply, when starting up a new audiology business a shareholder loan – which is $10,000 – is required from each incoming partner to assist the working capital of the business. It is payable back to you once cashflow allows. 

No hidden agenda, it’s just to get you started with us and we’re confident it will clear quickly.  

Want to know more?  

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