Your shareholder loan explained

With Specsavers Audiology’s introduction to New Zealand, many are chatting about our entry to market.

With that arrival there has been plenty of conversation around our model, particularly around the finances required to become a partner.

It’s important we are clear: becoming a partner with Specsavers is very much financially attainable.

Our partners are business owners, and when you join us as an Audiology Joint Venture Partner (JVP) you are considered a director, shareholder and employee in your business.

You run your business, you have shares in it and the business pays you a regular salary.

Of course, our business model is that of a partnership, and so we provide you with support across many different areas including marketing, professional services, information services, finance and product.

Our overall aim is to provide you with everything you need to establish and grow your business.

As partners we (as Specsavers) and you (as the Audiology JVP) both contribute a shareholder loan to the business, as our contribution to working capital and business setup.

Your shareholder loan as it states: a loan from you to the business and is repayable back to you over a maximum period of three years.

Put simply, the loan – which is $10,000 – is required from each incoming partner and will be repaid back to you as cash flow allows.

No hidden agenda, that’s your shareholder loan.

To find out more about the facts and what it takes to join us, check out our myth buster article here.

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