Why you should join Specsavers Audiology

Published On: 16 March 2022

With 29 stores with audiology already opened across New Zealand, now is the time to join Specsavers Audiology. We have employment and partnership opportunities available (including both part-time and full-time positions), offering flexibility to ensure you have the right work-life balance that suits your individual needs. 

About Specsavers

Specsavers Audiology launched in New Zealand in 2020 and is growing at a rapid rate, with huge growth plans projected. 

What’s in it for you?

We have a first-class business model and career development programs with financial incentives that our audiologists benefit from every day.

When you join the Specsavers family:

  • You are able to do the right thing by prioritising customer care. We don’t want you to compromise on ethics to achieve sales KPI’s.  
  • Step into a carefully designed modern audiology environment, set up and ready to go on day 1.
  • Earn a guaranteed and generous guaranteed salary, and in the case of partners – you will also earn dividends from your business.
  • As a partner you will be able to build something for yourself and be supported by the backing of a global brand to build and develop your own business. 
  • Network with Audiology professionals across both Australia and New Zealand to support, collaborate and share ideas.  
  • Help us continue #makingwaves across the industry in pursuing transparency and affordability of hearing aids. 

It only takes a quick conversation to learn how we can support your career ambitions either in an employment capacity (full-time or part-time) or as a partner. 

So, be part of the movement and help change the industry with a company that has you and your customers top of mind!

For a confidential discussion, contact Paul Rolfe on +64 027 313 4465 or email anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com