Why YOU should become a partner with Specsavers Audiology

5 September 2022

Here at Specsavers Audiology, our New Zealand partners:  

  • Are employees of their own business, meaning they receive the same employment benefits that they would receive as an employee elsewhere. 
  • Receive both annual leave and sick leave entitlements, in addition to their guaranteed salary of $100,000 per annum plus Kiwi Saver, paid fortnightly.  
  • Have an earning capacity that isn’t capped at their guaranteed salary.
  • Receive 2/3 of their business profits paid quarterly through dividends, plus 1/6 of business profit paid as a bonus. 

In fact, we guarantee your salary from day one of your partnership, until you decide to retire out of the business. 

Cost to become a partner  

If you’re keen to become a Specsavers partner, the cost upfront to establish a new Specsavers Audiology business is $10,080. That’s $80 to buy your 80 shares, and a $10,000 shareholder loan, which is repayable back to you as soon as cash flow allows.  

Backing of a global brand

Whilst our partners are the sole employee in their audiology business, every Specsavers Audiology partner has the support of their optics colleagues and access to a retail team as well as the support of a global brand!  

Specsavers Support Office team will support you in the ongoing back-office management of your business, including marketing, IT, accounts, supply chain, plus more. As your business grows, the Specsavers Audiology career ladder will support you to develop and grow your team, by helping onboard audiology retail and admin support. 

Plus, when you become a Specsavers partner you won’t be measured by sales targets or product-related KPIs. We never want to compromise our partners’ time with customers, so we encourage you to prioritise the needs of the customers – first and foremost!  

You will be able to focus on growing your business and your business profits whilst looking after the hearing care of your customers.  

To find out if partnership is the next step in your career, contact Jimmy Mathews on +64 27 221 1402 or email anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com

To view available partnership locations, visit  here.