Mikael Na has always had a passion for science.

He completed his undergraduate degree in physiology, before spending a year undertaking a postgraduate diploma in science, and then a master’s in Audiology.

“I did my postgrad diploma in an auditory neuroscience lab, and my supervisor was also a lecturer in the Masters of Audiology course. I found audiology interesting and thought it would suit me better than doing lab work, so I applied for it, and the rest is history,” he says.

From university, Mikael went to work in the NZ public health sector, providing hearing care services in hospitals. It was here where he realised the true impacts of hearing loss – the isolation and loneliness, as well as the benefits that hearing care could bring, giving people back their quality of life.

“I really I enjoyed my time in the public sector, but I was ready to move on to the next thing,” he says. A Specsavers partnership was attractive to me as I realised I would still have the autonomy I had in the public sector, but I would also be able to provide hearing aids at a competitive price for my customers.”

Mikael says autonomy was a big factor in his decision. “I wanted autonomy in my work. Running my own business was the ideal choice but I knew I also needed support in running the business, as there was so much to it that I hadn’t done before. Specsavers was the best choice for me because it brought those two aspects together.”

He also wanted to work for a business where transparency and honesty were the focus.

“Specsavers are great – they provided the training I needed to manage the business side of things – whether its finance, or accounting or marketing. But they’re also really focused on doing the right thing by the customer, which appeals to me. Customer service is the most important aspect of what we do.”

He says, Specsavers coming into the NZ audiology scene is transforming the way New Zealanders can access quality, affordable hearing care.

“Specsavers really wants everyone to get the best out of everything. They want the customers to get the best services, and the partners to get the best out of the business as well.”