Specsavers welcomes a third NZ partner

Published On: 24 June 2020

While the past few months have been challenging as the country contends with the coronavirus and stage 3 lockdown, Specsavers is excited to continue its mission to provide affordable healthcare to all New Zealanders with the opening of our third and fourth NZ locations in Albany and Silverdale. We’re also thrilled to welcome our third partner, Iris Shin to the Specsavers family.

Iris brings to Specsavers a wealth experience, with a background in science and pharmacology as well as extensive experience in research and providing healthcare to New Zealanders.

“I always want to work in the healthcare sector, that’s why I studied my Bachelor of Science and then a master’s degree in Pharmacology,” says Iris. “I also worked at the University of Auckland as a research technician, and when I was there, the UOA Audiology clinic was right next to our laboratory. That’s when I first discovered audiology. I met some of the fantastic audiologists and as I learned more about their work, I realised it was a great combination of clinical care and science! I was fascinated with the fact that you can diagnose hearing and provide intervention to help improve a customer’s quality of life.”

After completing her audiology qualifications, Iris joined the Counties Manukau District Health Board, working directly with audiologists, ENTs, nurses, pediatricians, and AODCs. “ I learned so much during that time, I even earned my Pediatric Audiologist Certificate.”

After nine years, and looking for a change, Iris decided to research opening her own business. “I was really looking for my next challenge. Specsavers launching in NZ provided me with the opportunity to bring all the aspects I love about audiology together and provide transparent and affordable healthcare while giving me the flexibility and autonomy I was looking for.”

While she was familiar with the optical business, Iris didn’t know much about the audiology side of Specsavers. “I was really thrilled to learn about the business and their focus on providing a high standard of clinical care, while also ensuring they provide great value for customers.”

Launching a business in the middle of a global pandemic would be stressful for many, but Iris has taken it in stride.

“During virtual induction because of unforeseen COVID-19, it was strange, but I met so many lovely and supportive people.  My first impression is that Specsavers is a well-structured and hard-working company. Everyone in the different departments – clinical, operational, marketing, and IT – are so friendly and willing to support me. Specsavers really values its people and its customers which is perfectly matched with my vision of audiology.”

“Despite the fact that most of my training was done online, I feel really comfortable with tackling the challenges that come with running my own business. I’m really excited to work closely with my optical partners and it truly feels like a partnership, I don’t feel like I am there all by myself!”

Iris, who will operate audiology services at two Specsavers stores in Albany and Silverdale says her optical teams have been enthusiastic about the opening, despite just coming out of lockdown. “They have a great team spirit. Everyone is very busy and excited about launching audiology services in Albany and Silverdale. And the support team has been incredible.”