Specsavers Products make a difference in your customers’ lives

Published On: 19 July 2022

With a focus on serving our customer’s needs, providing excellent clinical care and a product range that provides great value for money – we’re proudly making a difference in the lives of everyday New Zealanders. 

Designed and built by leading manufacturers Sonova, Demant and WS Audiology, our products range from basic digital hearing aid to the most sophisticated technology currently available and are suitable for all types of hearing loss. The bonus being our products are the best value products in the industry and we provide our pricing upfront before our customers have even begun their hearing journey! 

We also stock branded products which our customers are free to choose from, but most select the Advance range as its suitable for most types of hearing loss, available in five technology levels – which vary to suit their hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.  

“The vast majority of people, have no idea about hearing aid brands and manufacturers. They simply want to hear better and understand what devices may be able to provide the best benefit. Advance provides that at a very affordable price,” says Nick Taylor, Head of Professional Services & Product – Audiology

Isn’t it time you made a difference in your customers’ lives? Chat to us about career opportunities at Specsavers Audiology by contacting Paul Rolfe on +64 027 313 4465 or email anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com