Salary and benefits of a Specsavers Audiology Partnership

Published On: 20 May 2024

When you become a Specsavers partner, you not only have the opportunity to be your own boss and run your business, but you will also enjoy the security of a guaranteed salary from day one of your partnership with Specsavers.

For our audiologist partners, this guaranteed salary amounts to $120,000 annually.

But did you know that the guaranteed salary package is just one aspect of the value offered by a Specsavers partnership? Our Partners also own profit-earning shares in their business.

When considering the potential of a Specsavers Audiology partnership, we recommend you consider:

  • Annual salary + KiwiSaver contributions (paid fortnightly)
  • Annual profit (paid quarterly once the business turns profitable), and
  • Future value of shares in the business upon retirement from the business

Additionally, Specsavers’ dedicated support team collaborates closely with partners to provide the best product range, equipment, finance, administration, IT, in-store systems, marketing, training, and development opportunities. This support enables you to focus on growing your business and of course, maximising profits.

If you’re interested to learn more or to discuss how Specsavers Audiology’s business model might work for you, contact Shelley Fenech at 027 266 9627 or Amanda La Ferla at 027 221 1402, or email