Richmond and Nelson partner Zoe Alexander is on a mission to normalise hearing care

For Zoe Alexander, becoming an audiologist brought together some of her favourite things.

“I always wanted to do something that would actively help people. Audiology seemed like the perfect way to achieve this,” she said.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Japanese with a minor in Linguistics at Canterbury University, she then went on to complete a Master of Audiology with Distinction to become an MNZAS certified audiologist.

“What I love most about my job is when my customers come back and tell me about the small things that they can now hear once more, things that they didn’t realise they were missing out on but are key sounds in our day to day lives. Birds singing, the overtones of music, even the heat pump whirring in the background!” she says.

But for Zoe, customer care has always been her number one priority. And it was this customer-first approach that led her to a Specsavers partnership.

“Customer care is the most important part of my role, anyone can get a set of hearing aids, but helping people to accept and thrive alongside their hearing loss is the impact I set out to achieve.

“We all know that hearing loss is socially isolating, and the research shows hearing loss is linked to mental decline in elderly populations. So, taking action sooner rather than later can have a hugely positive impact on one’s quality of life – which is where my values and Specsavers values really align.”

“Specsavers are focussed on doing what’s best for the customer. They seek to make hearing aids normalised and affordable for everybody. First and foremost their aim to normalise testing and taking care of one’s hearing health is something that has previously been lagging in New Zealand,” she says.

Now as the partner at two Specsavers locations – Richmond and Nelson, Zoe has the support and backing to truly make a difference in her local community.

“I cannot wait to make new connections and build up a loyal customer base in the local area,” she says.

“The combination of affordable products with the ability to get into a hearing care provider in the local area will really enable me to help more people and do my part to reduce that social isolation that so many of my customers can experience.”

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