Professionalism is key at Specsavers Audiology 

Published On: 12 December 2022

One of the things we always hear from our critics is that our clinicians aren’t real clinicians. But that couldn’t be further from truth.  

Upholding the highest levels of clinical professionalism is not only an essential part of our healthcare model, but its key to ensuring our customers get the best quality care – and that our partners have strong and successful businesses. 

Our clinical approach 

From the clinical environment and our equipment through to our testing procedures, referral guidelines or training, the high standards we set have been tried and tested by our audiology support teams to ensure you are set up for success. 

Not only do we required our partners to have full qualifications and several years of practice under their belts, but we also have experienced clinicians in our Audiology Professional Services team, who ensure our partners have access to the latest technology, advice and customer care practices. 

And they are on hand every day to assist our partners with an queries or issues they might come across. 

Our test rooms 

Our commitment to professional standards means all our rooms are sound-treated and set up to ensure that your computer, audiometer and REM equipment to be stored neatly out of sight.  

All our rooms are permanently fitted out with equipment and a specially designed booth ensuring accurate test results, providing you with complete confidence in the results and your next steps with your customers. 

Our clinical standards 

Specsavers has developed a set of clinical standards for our partners, which gives you the tools you need to provide your customers with a comprehensive assessment of their hearing. This includes: 

  • A comprehensive case history 
  • Video otoscopy 
  • Tympanometry  
  • Pure tone audiometry using inserts and bone conduction 
  • Speech testing incorporating AB words  
  • QuickSIN 
  • Full explanation of all test results using our electronically integrated equipment 
  • A discussion around appropriate amplification using Specsavers designed brochures outlining the range and price of devices 

Setting you up for success 

In order to prepare you for your new role as partner, all Specsavers Audiology partners go through a two and half week induction program ahead of starting in-store. This includes two days of training on our hearing aids manufacturers and three days of training from Professional Services. 

Plus, we provide ongoing support and development to ensure you are thriving as both a clinician and a business owner.  

So if you want to know more about the benefits of being a Specsavers Audiology Partner, call Jimmy Matthews on 027 221 1402  email