Penelope Lim on her journey to partnership

Penelope Lim grew up in Singapore and studied in Australia, but it was New Zealand where she launched her career as an audiologist.

“My journey in audiology started off in Rotorua after graduating from my studies in Melbourne. I’ve always loved the field, and the customer interaction aspect of audiology, as well as being able to fix people’s hearing using modern technology.”

“After two years, I wanted to live in a bigger city, so I requested to move to Auckland. And after five years of working as an audiologist, I was attracted to Specsavers concept of providing good technology at affordable prices,” she says.

“Also, the opportunity to be a business partner suited me perfectly as I was keen to expand my business management skills. I also think it’s essential to detect hearing loss in the population earlier and the way that Specsavers have added it seamlessly into their customer journey is a great way to raise awareness and help more customers.”

Penelope joined Specsavers as our 11th audiology partner, opening two stores in Auckland, Mt Roskill and New Lynn.

“I originally was aware of Specsavers as a big company providing affordable spectacles. It was only further into my career that realised they were introducing audiology in New Zealand after successful rollouts in the UK and Australia,” she says.

“It took months of contemplating, meetings with the team and questions on my part before I convinced myself it was the right path for me. I then met with my potential optics partners at Mt Roskill and New Lynn and it was after that meeting that I knew it was the right move for me – and I haven’t looked back since.”

Penelope describes partnership as a “one of kind” opportunity.

“I really enjoy providing my clients with great technology at affordable prices and being a franchise owner so far has been both challenging and exciting for me,” she says.

“I truly believe that the Specsavers model works because you just can’t find quality hearing aids at a better price, anywhere else in the market. So, it’s that price transparency, combined with incorporating the hearing screenings as part of a health check within the optical store that makes it work.

“It’s good from a clinical point of view and the business partnership model is so attractive to audiologists for these reasons.”

Penelope says her goal for the future is to grow her business and to provide good technology and excellent service at affordable prices to the community.

“Hopefully by providing this service, we will increase the awareness of hearing loss and encourage more people to do something about it earlier,” she says.

And to her colleagues in the industry, she has this advice:

“If you want to provide good and affordable hearing aids to your clients and take that extra step in your career, this is a great opportunity. If you’re curious about how the partnership works and the pricing structure that we have, reach out to any of the partners or the team.”

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