Our Journey

Eyes and ears go together, it just makes sense. But many people think Specsavers is just an optometry business. In fact, audiology has been a part of Specsavers since 2004, long before we entered the Australian and New Zealand optometry markets in 2008.

In 2020, with over 50 optical stores across the country, almost $125 million in annual sales, and millions of New Zealanders as customers, we decided that the timing was right, and we launched Specsavers Audiology in our New Zealand optical stores.

Our goal is simple. To change lives for the better. For our customers, by providing them with accessible, affordable and transparent hearing care.

And for our partners, to give them the opportunity to build something for themselves and be able to return to what they do best – providing care to their customers, and not be beholden to the sales pressures that have become all too common in the audiology industry.

In under two years we are growing our reach across New Zealand, with MNZAS Audiologists joining us in partnership every day.

Our goal is to offer audiology services in every single one of our stores, and we are well on our way to achieving that. In addition, we’re taking up the fight to transform the industry, demanding transparent pricing and customer-focused care for all Kiwis.