Open to relocating? Join Specsavers with your partner and double your success!

Published On: 26 July 2023

Whether or not to relocate for a new role is a big decision both professionally and personally, and there are many factors to consider.   

What’s the opportunity? What’s the longevity of the job? And what will my partner do?  

Well, if your partner is also an audiology professional (and let’s be honest, that’s quite common in audiology!) then Specsavers Audiology has the solution for you.  

We are offering dual partnership opportunities and employment opportunities in several locations in New Zealand with our “Go with a friend or partner” bonus.   

But what does that mean?  

It means we can find a location where both you and your partner can work in a Specsavers Audiology business – whether that’s as dual partners, as a partner and employee, or as either partners or employees across several stores in a region.   

Plus, our regional relocation packages can help get you set up in your new home, with generous financial incentives and supports to help make the transition easier.   

Making an impact in your community  

Relocating to a new area is an exciting opportunity for many couples, but especially those who can work together.   

Specsavers stores are often one of the central health hubs in a local community – its where people can visit trusted health providers – both eyes and ears – and many of our audiology professionals in similar locations are building strong, successful relationships within their local communities.   

Working in more regional locations can also lead to significant financial and professional success – with great need and fewer competitors meaning many of our audiology partners are growing their businesses quickly and making strong profits within short time frames.   

Lifestyle and opportunity  

Whether you’re looking for a sea change, tree change, a quieter community or just a new opportunity in a place you’ve never been before – we have several fantastic locations where you and your partner can make a fresh start – either as business owners or employed audiology professionals.   

Thinking about relocation? We have a fantastic opportunity across three stores Richmond/Blenheim/Nelson. This is a wonderful foot in the door with the opportunity to work across three locations and enmesh yourself within the local communities.  

To discuss your next steps and find out more about current locations, go with friend/partner bonus and our relocation packages contact our Partner Recruitment Manager Amanda La Ferla today on 027 221 1402 or