Meet the team – Elisa Wood

Elisa Wood is Specsavers Audiology NZ’s Audiology Training Manager.

With more than six years in the audiology sector specialising in training and customer service, Elisa will lead the training of our audiology systems and processes. Elisa has been involved in system design, testing and implementation and is currently studying a Diploma in Adult Education and Training.

Elisa loves making a difference to customers’ happiness through improved hearing outcomes. She believes Specsavers Audiology can change people’s lives, from being distraught or frustrated to leaving with an ability to better participate in their surroundings.

Elisa joined Specsavers Audiology because she was frustrated with the cost of hearing aids in New Zealand. With Specsavers Audiology entering the market, Elisa believes we can shake up the hearing aid industry and make it more affordable and accessible for our customers. With Specsavers’ transparent pricing model, she wants customers to shop around and find a hearing solution that they can afford.

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