Marvin discovered partnership wasn’t too good to be true

Published On: 28 January 2022

Before becoming a partner at the Newmarket and Auckland CBD stores, Marvin Ranera began his career in the Philippines and later Singapore, becoming a clinical trainer and product specialist. 

However, Marvin’s misunderstanding of the audiology industry was a chance discovery that pivoted his career outlook in a direction he would never have imagined. 

“I became an audiologist by accident. When I was looking into audiology as a career, I thought it related to music therapy. Not until my interview with the Programme Director that I learnt that I was wrong,” Marvin recalls with a laugh. 

In 2016, Marvin moved to New Zealand and worked for another audiology provider before making the next step in his career, joining Specsavers as a partner. 

But before deciding on making a move to Specsavers, Marvin hesitated as he thought the Specsavers partnership must be too good to be true. 

“I initially thought there would be a catch or there would be some compromise in the quality of care I will be able to provide to my customers, but as I went through the partnership process, I now know I made the right choice. 

“Not only do I help my customers by making hearing aids more accessible to them, but I’m also building a secure career for myself,” adds Marvin. 

While the world took a pause during the pandemic, Marvin was busy preparing himself for the next step in his career. 

“The Specsavers Support Team has been amazing in giving me the support I needed and reassuring me during these uncertain times. Making a move now has been the best timing because I’m now ready to serve my customers,” says Marvin. 

Marvin has set himself some new goals with a great outlook that will benefit him, his team and customers. 

“Not only are we building something for ourselves, but we are also making hearing aids more accessible to people. It’s a solution where everyone benefits,” adds Marvin.