Lia Zamora brings audiology to Masterton

Published On: 22 February 2021

Lia Zamora has joined Specsavers Audiology as our 10th audiology partner in New Zealand, recently launching audiology in Specsavers Masterton.

Born in the Philippines, Lia and her family immigrated to New Zealand in 2015 and holds a  degree in Medical Technology and a master’s degree in Clinical Audiology from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila Philippines.

“I started my audiology career in a paediatric hospital in Singapore where I got to do ABRs and handle cochlear implant cases. I then worked for a hearing aid manufacturer to support the APAC sales and marketing team. I practiced in a university hospital, and then went back to the Philippines. I worked for a hearing aid distributor in Manila training audiologists, audiometrists, and fitting hearing aids,” she says.

“When we moved to New Zealand, I knew I wanted to continue my practice with a strong focus on adult hearing diagnostics and hearing aid fitting. I learned about Specsavers Audiology and I liked the idea of being a part of a business partnership that will allow me to focus on my customers and clinic while they cover other areas for me such as marketing, finance, IT, training, etc. Having a salary also made the idea of starting a new business with Specsavers more feasible for me as I have a young family.”

She says in the past, customers had always enquired if she owned the store she was working in.

“When I told them no, they were surprised and would always suggest that I start my own business. It sometimes made me think that it would be nice if I could run my own clinic but starting and running an audiology business is not that simple. What Specsavers offered was a way to overcome some of those business barriers that had prevented me from going out on my own previously and made owning my own business a reality,” she says.

As a business, Specsavers has global contracts with manufacturers which means that partners in New Zealand have access to amazing technology at a great price, and we are able to pass the savings to the customer as reflected on the price of our hearing aids and services. Specsavers is all about providing better hearing to the community and backs it up by making access to quality hearing healthcare affordable,” she says.

Seeing the price of their hearing aids and understanding their business model, I knew Specsavers was offering something special to the community. Being a part of what Specsavers offers to the community is the highlight of becoming a partner.”

Lia says one of the great aspects of the Specsavers partnership is opening audiology in an established and thriving optical store – with optical partners that are just as invested and engaged in the success of the audiology business as she is.

“I met with the Optometry Partner and Retail Partner before I decided to join Specsavers.  They have the same eagerness to provide the best service to customers which is a value that’s also important to me. They are excited for me and for Specsavers Masterton to provide audiology services. They had even started taking audiology inquiries for me even before my business launched!”

Lia says her goal is to grow the business to be able to provide affordable audiology service to as many customers as possible.

“ The biggest opportunity for me is that the Specsavers store already has a significant database of local customers and a good name in the community. It’s natural people to consider Specsavers Audiology for their hearing care in the future.”

Her advice to her fellow colleagues?

“I would recommend becoming a Specsavers partner if you are looking for meaningful change in your career. Yes, there are new things to learn, but once you start hearing stories of people sharing how happy they are with how much they spent on good quality hearing aids and that they received equally good quality service at the same time, it will be worth it.”

“Specsavers Audiology is growing fast.  If you think this is something that excites you, contact them ASAP and ask your questions while there is still opportunity available,” she says.