Kathryn turns the focus on partner support

Kathryn Launchbury joined the Audiology team in July 2017, just before Specsavers audiology burst onto the market. An audiologist by profession, Kathryn previously worked for an industry manufacturer but soon realised that she could add more value by supporting her peers and disrupt the industry for the better. Making a site visit at the Port Melbourne office and lab and learning about our business model helped cement her decision.  

“The industry had heard that Specsavers was coming, and I liked that they were shaking up the audiology market and focussing on customer care and transparency. 

“I was happy to see that hearing aids were becoming more affordable under the Specsavers price transparency strategy and the focus on increasing awareness of audiology and hearing loss. It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of something that’s going to make a difference to audiology in Australia and directly benefit our community,” says Kathryn. 

Starting a new role in February this year as Professional Performance Manager, Kathryn now looks after the Professional Services Consultants who provide clinical support to our audiology partners. The Professional Services Consultants not only assist new and existing partners and ensure all clinical processes are followed, but they also make sure customers have an exceptional experience inside the audiology room.  

“We have a lot of new partners coming on board, and we aim to set the bar high. We help them become familiar with the technology, equipment, products and clinical processes in our rooms, including testing requirements,” says Kathryn. 

Kathryn believes having robust support measures in place helps partners adapt to how we work and believes that because we focus on partner development, this has a significant impact on the overall positive customer experience. Partners are in fact encouraged to shake off any hard sales expectations drummed into them in the past and have them thinking about the customer again. Put simply, going back to basics. 

“The way we think and do things can be different to our competitors and because of this we help guide our partners through the Specsavers customer journey. 

“Being customer-focused is at the core of every decision we make. It’s refreshing to be part of an organisation that does put the customer first but still is able to disrupt the market,” she adds. 

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