How Specsavers is servicing the eyes and ears of the over 40s

Published On: 22 November 2022

You’ll hear us bang on about it – eyes and ears go together.  

And having them checked together when your customer is over 40 makes good sense. 

Not only does it give our audiology partners a pool of potential customers walking into their stores every day, but it also helps us live our mission of changing lives through better sight and hearing.  

Because the more customers know about the importance of hearing health, the earlier they will seek support.  

That’s why in every New Zealand Specsavers optical store that has audiology services, all customers aged 40 and over are offered a free hearing screener as part of their optical pre-testing services.  

For our audiology partners, the screener not only refers customers and helps build their business, but it also raises the profile and the importance of having your hearing checked as you age.  

Specsavers Audiology Head of Professional Services, Nick Taylor, says the screener is an important tool for all Specsavers Audiology partners. 

“Specsavers’ audiology partners are passionate about changing lives,” he said. “By screening all our optical customers that are over 40 – even those who do not require our audiology services today – enables our partners are raising awareness of the importance of hearing health long before issues arise.” 

For us, the hearing screener is not about selling more hearing aids – it’s about educating Kiwis about their overall hearing health and normalising behaviours around ear health. 

“The screener forms part of an unrivalled awareness-building campaign, ensuring ear health becomes front of mind across our large established optical customer database and beyond. 

“Through Specsavers’ optical business we are able to drive awareness of the importance of getting your hearing checked from the age of 40, thereby encouraging people to take action sooner, rather than waiting up to a decade,” he said. 

So if you want to own your own business where potential customers walk through the door every day, then talk to us about becoming a Specsavers Audiology partner.  

To find out more contact Jimmy Mathews on (0) 27 221 1402 or email