Growing businesses is what Emma Lloyd does best

When it comes to starting and growing a business, Emma Lloyd, Specsavers Audiology’s Head of Business Development has a wealth of experience.  

She joined Specsavers in 2008 as it first took off in Australia in a business development role and has worked across the optics business in Australia, the UK and Northern Europe, working directly with partners to help them grow their businesses.  

It was while she was working for Specsavers in Northern Europe i2017 that the Australian audiology leadership team approached her about returning to Australia to help them launch a new venture.  

“The idea of going back to Australia to launch something new that was going to make a phenomenal difference, both for our business and for our company – and do something no one else in the industry has been able to do – it was a really exciting opportunity.  

“I had seen firsthand how the audiology businesses in the UK and in the Netherlands were operating and what had worked well and not so well when they started those businesses. Darrel, Mike, Nick and I met up in the UK and did a lot of research – we really wanted to understand everything about the industry and ensure that we had digested all those learnings before launching in Australia.” 

A big focus for Emma has been – and continues to be – the little details.  

“We’ve worked really hard on getting things right – especially in our stores. We worked with a local Melbourne manufacturer and audio engineer to design our testing rooms from scratch. We looked at everything from the acoustics, the cupboards our cables sit in, to adding extra windows and a built-in seat into our booth so the customer feels comfortable and secure. 

“We’ve also ensured that all our stores – no matter how remote, have everything they need. All our stores have their own diagnostic kit – there are no travelling kits. We knew it was important to have a permanent and professional setup no matter if you’re in the store five days a week or one day per week.”  

And she says it’s this attention to detail that really sets the Specsavers experience apart from the competition.  

“Everything is designed to make the lives of our partners easier. So many of our new partners will say to me that they can’t believe how partner-focused we are and how open to feedback we are. 

Emma says working closely with Specsavers partners everyday has given her a unique insight into the characteristics and approach of the team. 

“Our partners all have strong clinical expertise, that’s a given. But what I’ve noticed is that they are a group that isn’t afraid to ask questions and learn along the way. They all have this driving passion to help their customers and they truly want to see a change in the audiology industry.  

“Our partners live our mission and values every day and collectively we are working together to have a lasting impact on the way audiology is delivered in Australia and New Zealand,” she says.  

Specsavers partners wear many hats – they’re a director, a shareholder, a business owner, and a clinician. I often get many questions from our prospective partners as they work through the opportunity, and there is nothing we can’t answer. Every prospective partner needs a different level of information, and that’s why it’s so important to reach out and have a conversation with us,” she says. 

“A simple conversation could change your career in ways you’ve never even imagined.” 

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