Claire Stacey proves that working as a partner at Specsavers and building your own business can be financially rewarding!  

Published On: 24 April 2024

Claire Stacey knew Specsavers Audiology was coming to New Zealand and when they did, that prices would be competitive. It was when she saw the actual price list in print – she just knew she had to join Specsavers as a partner. 

“It excited me that I would be able to provide top of the range hearing aids for less than $4000. When I found out the brands that we would be fitting under the Specsavers Advance product, it was a no-brainer,” she says. 

But before joining Specsavers, Claire did her due diligence. She talked a lot to a friend who had already joined Specsavers as a partner. It wasn’t long before she realised that if her friend was confident and comfortable with the process, then she too had nothing to worry about.  

“If you love what you do and really enjoy helping people hear again, without the pressure of having to “sell” hearing aids then joining Specsavers is a no-brainer!” she says. 

“The model is designed to focus on those people who are truly ready to seek help with their hearing, without leaving behind those who are not quite ready to make the decision to purchase hearing aids. By screening everyone over the age of 40 years, even if they don’t purchase hearing aids straight away, we keep an eye on their hearing and check in with them every year or two.”  

When asked about if there are any challenges she has faced as a Specsavers partner, Claire shares that her biggest challenge since becoming a Specsavers partner is how busy she has been. But in hindsight, this challenge has produced a welcome and very rewarding outcome for Claire. 

“Being the partner in two stores has meant that it’s been challenging to manage my time and see everyone that I need to see. However now that I have an Audiology Assistant who is soon to become my Audiology Clinic Manager, I have more time to focus on my customers, and it’s proven to be extremely helpful to have someone else in the business who is fully supporting me. 

“Being busy has also provided opportunity – as I am now ready to take on an employed clinician and possibly a second partner which means both my businesses can run at full capacity, and I will be able to provide the customer service that I am striving to provide,” says Claire. 

Claire reflects on some of the positive interactions she has had with her customers. 

“Having so many people saying yes to getting hearing aids and seeing the expression and hearing the surprise in people’s voices when I tell them the prices, as well as the services that we offer has been overwhelming. I even had one customer burst into tears when I showed her the prices. She never thought she would be able to afford the hearing aids that she needed to work for her lifestyle.” 

And Claire has some positive and encouraging views to share with her audiology colleagues in New Zealand. 

“Don’t be afraid to join Specsavers because it is new, or because Specsavers is being a disrupter. It is ok to do things differently! The support is in place to ensure that you succeed, as everyone wants you to do well in your business and there are the processes in place to ensure this. It’s not a matter of if you will achieve, it’s a matter of when!” she says. 

“Being a partner at Specsavers is a real opportunity to serve your local community and customers by providing excellent quality products and service levels that you are in control of! And at the same time having a successful business that you can be proud of and that you can reap the rewards of.  In fact, the rewards of building your own business with Specsavers really exist! We have been able to pay excellent contributions towards our mortgage, so the financial dividends for me have outweighed any bonus structure that I have received in the past.”