After completing a nursing degree, Carlo Puddao hadn’t quite finished with his studies. He went back and completed a master’s degree in Clinical Audiology. He is now pleased with the move he made into the profession. 

“I’ve been an audiologist for eight years after hearing about the industry through a friend. I did some research and discovered it was a very cool profession where I’ll be able to use my nursing skills,” says Carlo. 

Carlo became a Specsavers audiology partner as he wanted to see the immediate impact of hearing aids on customers. He also heard how Specsavers puts customers first.   

“I decided to become a partner at Specsavers because they not only talk about being advocates for doing what is right by the customer, but they also live and breathe customer advocacy. 

“Customer care I believe should be the top priority for all audiologists. Being healthcare professionals, we are duty bound to look after our customers and help them live their lives to the fullest,” adds Carlo. 

Carlo always thought that running his own business would be something he would always dream about. He never thought he would be cut out for it. However, after researching and learning more about Specsavers partnership model, he quickly realised that a partnership was within his reach.   

“I always thought that my skills weren’t suitable for running a business, but after learning about the model, I felt confident that I will receive the best support and be successful in this new venture. 

“The training has been great in preparing me for what was to come. I have also picked up a lot of clinical skills from our well experienced team,” adds Carlo. 

When audiologists like Carlo sign up to become partners, they are impressed to see for themselves how transparent Specsavers is with the pricing model.  

“The highlight for me is being able to offer better hearing solutions at a much lower cost without sacrificing on sound quality. This means improved hearing that is accessible to everyone,” says Carlo. 

Like all our partners, Carlo is glad he made the move and joined the Specsavers family and encourages other audiologists to take the plunge.  

“If you are tired of your everyday routine and you want to take up a new challenge and help more people get access to better hearing, then a Specsavers partnership is exactly what you’re looking for,” says Carlo.