Career Progression at Specsavers

Published On: 27 June 2023

Finding a company that offers not only career growth but the potential to own your own business is a rare opportunity. Specsavers Audiology breaks the mould by providing unique career paths for our employees, from retail assistants to business owners.  

With a strong commitment to career development and investment in our people, we foster a culture that empowers individuals to achieve their career goals and presents exciting opportunities for professionals seeking to make a difference. 

Investing in our people 

We understand the value of investing in our team and view career development as an integral part of our culture. We encourage our employees to grow within the organisation, recognising their potential to become future business owners. This sets us apart from our competitors as we offer an inclusive and rewarding career journey. 

Accredited as a Great Place to Work we are also committed to maintaining our dedication to excellence and price transparency.  

Audiology retail roles 

To achieve our goal of providing audiology services in all our optics stores, we have introduced audiology retail roles. These roles, such as audiology retail assistants and clinic managers, play a vital part in ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of the audiology area. Assisting with appointment bookings, customer service, and overall day to day management, these roles allow our partners and clinicians to focus on delivering exceptional care to customers.  

These support roles provide valuable opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in audiology to gain practical experience and contribute to the growth of the business. 

Employment opportunities 

As we continue to expand our footprint across New Zealand, many of our partners are taking the initiative to employ clinicians. This expansion provides opportunities to join Specsavers and contribute to #makingwaves and defining the way hearing care is provided across New Zealand. 

By working alongside experienced partners, clinicians have the chance to develop their skills, broaden their professional network, and make a positive impact on the lives of their customers.  

The Specsavers Advantage 

We not only offer a progressive career path, but we also provide a supportive environment that values collaboration and innovation. By joining Specsavers Audiology, you will gain access to a network of like-minded colleagues and industry experts. As a collaborative community we encourage knowledge sharing, professional growth, and the opportunity to learn from experienced partners who have successfully established their audiology businesses.  

For more information, contact Amanda La Ferla at 027 221 1402 for partnership opportunities or contact Shelley Fenech at 027 266 9627 for employment opportunities. Email for a confidential and obligation-free discussion.