Business ownership still the dream for Audiology professionals, and Specsavers makes it possible  

Published On: 19 December 2022

Despite everything the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown at us in the past three years the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in New Zealand.  

According to recent research conducted by NAB 4 in 10 people indicated they would love to own their own business (41%).  

But for many in the audiology profession, owning your own business can seem like a pipe dream. 

But not with Specsavers.  

Since we launched Specsavers Audiology more than 3 years ago, we have helped more than 40 audiology professionals realise their dream of business ownership.  

And we’re not stopping there.  

Why? Because it’s our mission to change lives through better sight and hearing.   

Together, with our audiology partners we are continuing to make audiology more accessible and affordable to every day Kiwis. To date, we have screened more than 191,628 people across country, all while maintaining exceptional clinical standards and customer care and putting our customers’ needs first.  

And the key to our success? It’s our people. Our passionate audiology partners, who align with our vision and our values – to provide the very best clinical care and service to all customers. We work together in partnership to provide the support needed to grow their businesses and their futures.    

So if you want to join us on our mission to change New Zealand’s hearing for the better – and be the 1 in 4 who gets to own their own business, talk to us today.  

Call Amanda La Ferla on +64 (0)27 221 1402 or email