Audiology in an optics environment

With Specsavers fashioning a new mould for audiology in New Zealand, hosted within the optical store environment, our team is receiving lots of questions about how the business works.

Local audiologists are keen to understand how our optical teams support their new audiology partners and the reception of audiology customers – and generally how it all fits together.

As our audiology joint venture partners – and their customers – quickly discover, it’s a natural fit and, from a consumer perspective, makes perfect sense that ‘eyes and ears’ should be covered in the same location.

Here, we explore the way in which Specsavers Audiology fits seamlessly into the optical store environment – and how the optometry customer journey itself generates audiology customers.

Customer service excellence

Specsavers store teams are renowned for delivering exceptional customer service in both audiology and optometry, welcoming customers for clinical service based on their needs.

They are naturally adept at:

  • Greeting and receiving customers to manage their clinical appointments;
  • Providing basic “hearing aid triage” to audiology customers, changing batteries, domes and tubing, in the same way that they would take care of an optical customer with a skewed frame or a nose pad that needs replacing;
  • Demonstrating everyday Specsavers behaviours of openness and transparency, providing audiology customers with a clear price guide covering all Specsavers audiology products and services;
  • Referring any product and price-related questions to the audiology partner for detailed answers;
  • Facilitating a no-cost hearing screener service to all optical customers aged 40 and over, as part of the standard pre-test for optical appointments; and where the screener indicates a potential hearing loss, the customer is offered a free 15-minute check with the audiology professional.

An everyday part of the optical patient journey

  • Introducing the audiology screener as a standard part of the optical pre-test for over-40s forms part of an unrivalled awareness-building campaign, ensuring hearing loss and ear health becomes front of mind across our large established customer database.
  • Normalising behaviours around ear health aims to encourage people with hearing loss to take action sooner.

Marketing for growth

  • Specsavers Audiology partners are able to leverage the existing optical database in their location, with direct mail and recall outlining the growing audiology element of the Specsavers business, the focus on exceptional clinical service and extraordinary value.

With new Specsavers Audiology businesses ready to roll out in existing Specsavers optical premises, momentum continues to build, customer interest begins to grow and the interest from local audiologist already hints at the multi-million dollar potential of Specsavers’ 1.2 million strong client database and the scale of the market opportunity.

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