Are you ready to launch your own business?

Published On: 31 March 2022

Over the last two years, we’ve opened 30 audiology locations across New Zealand and welcomed 20 partners to our family.  

Isn’t it time you considered being your own boss and joined the Specsavers family as a partner? 

Our Specsavers Audiology partners are business owners, partners, and clinicians. Their experience, talents, efforts, and contributions each help shape our success and help make us the business we are today.  

Our Specsavers partnership model is based on mutual trust and understanding, and these are the values that also underpin the way we work with our colleagues and suppliers.  

We are committed to providing our partners with clear strategic direction and first-class business support. That way, they can deliver the absolute best service and care to their customers. 

When you join Specsavers Audiology as a partner you will be able to build you own team, support your customers, and serve your community, all whilst creating an asset for your future. 

You will receive a generous and guaranteed salary for the lifetime of your partnership with us and own profit-earning share in your own business – until you retire! 

With a number of partnership locations available across New Zealand (and more on the horizon), have a chat with our team to find out if the Specsavers Audiology partnership model is right for you. Contact Paul Rolfe on +64 027 313 4465or email