An open letter from Darrel Magna

Dear colleagues,

Firstly, I must extend my gratitude to you all for the positive and extensive interest that you have shown in our plans to launch Specsavers Audiology in New Zealand.

I have been humbled by the number of likeminded professionals who have approached our team following the conference in Queenstown. Your overwhelming support of our plans to improve accessibility and affordability for everyday Kiwis shows us you, as a profession, have a commitment to putting customers first.

As a product of many great conversations, I am pleased to formally announce that we already have 10 of our 53 store locations secured for audiology. Having launched our partnership offering only four months ago, this is a remarkable position to be in.

With our first stores set to open soon, I look forward to sharing with you and the New Zealand public our clear and transparent pricing model, fantastic range of quality hearing aids and the professional environment in which our services will be provided.

In the interim, I am delighted to introduce you to our team on the ground in New Zealand, whose primary purpose is to support our partners as they grow their own businesses.


From left to right, meet Paul Rolfe, Audiology Relationship Manager, Clara Kwaramba, Professional Services Consultant and Elisa Wood, Audiology Training Manager.

To learn more about Paul, Clara and Elisa, please take a moment to check out our team page here.

With around only 25 or so opportunities for partnership available in New Zealand, I encourage you to put yourself first and not let others hold you back from the opportunity to explore being part of something extraordinary.

Warm regards,
Darrel Magna
Executive Director and General Manager – Audiology, Specsavers Australia and New Zealand

PS If you wish to explore partnership opportunities now before the choice becomes extremely limited you can contact our team on 0800 337 899 or email to learn more about our New Zealand rollout and partnership opportunities.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion contact Julia Hewagama today.

Telephone: 0800 337 899

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