Advancing your career with Specsavers Audiology 

Published On: 20 May 2024

Specsavers Audiology not only fosters career growth but also provides a pathway to business ownership, which is rare in the industry! We break convention by offering unique career trajectories, from retail assistants to partners as business owners. 
Our commitment to career advancement means we invest in our people, we promote a culture that empowers individuals to achieve their professional aspirations, and this ethos creates exciting prospects for professionals eager to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. 
We view career development as an integral part of our business. We encourage our employees to grow within the organisation, recognising their potential to become future business owners. This sets us apart from our competitors as we offer an inclusive and rewarding career journey. 
In our pursuit of excellence, Specsavers has even been honoured as a Great Place to Work for three consecutive years. 
Did you know?  Our Audiology support roles play a pivotal role in expanding audiology services across our optics stores. Positions such as audiology retail assistants and clinic managers ensure seamless daily operations in audiology, from appointment scheduling to customer service. These roles allow our partners and clinicians to focus on delivering and prioritising customer care while developing and growing their businesses. 
If you’re considering the next steps in your career, and looking for a progressive and collaborative environment, we invite you to contact Shelley Fenech at 027 266 9627 or Paysh Wijesinghe at 027 270 5070 or email