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At Specsavers Audiology, we do things a little differently

Since launching in New Zealand in 2020, we’ve challenged and shaped the industry with a formula based on clinical excellence, open and transparent pricing, and premium products at value for money prices.

All our audiology businesses are located within a Specsavers optical store. This means we can introduce audiology to an already engaged audience, many of whom would never have encountered audiology before, and start them on the journey to recognise the value of their hearing. It’s a natural fit and from a consumer perspective and makes perfect sense that ‘sight and hearing’ should be covered in the same location.

We pride ourselves on our transparency as a hearing care provider: from our up-front and clearly communicated pricing, to being honest and straightforward with our partners and employees. We are what we say we are, and deliver on our promises.

We believe that:

  • Raising the awareness of hearing care will help New Zealander’s seek out hearing support earlier.
  • Customers deserve to know the price of hearing products before they commence their hearing journey.
  • Customer care must come first. Sales KPI’s and sales targets are not our focus, nor should they be yours.
  • We’re here to make waves and to make a change by demanding the industry do better and be better.
  • We’re here to make a difference in people’s lives – for the better.

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